Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Hardware Engineer to develop robust and reliable electronic hardware designs of the highest quality. Our business heavily relies on continuous innovation. If you are up for a challenge and think you have what it takes. Go ahead and apply!


  • Creating design concepts for embedded electronic hardware that can then be developed into physical designs, considering both current and future needs of the customer, relevant regulatory compliance standards, mechanical constraints, manufacturer and reliability testing

  • Ensure robust circuit synthesis, simulation, prototyping and design verification

  • Provide schematic development and hardware specification maintenance

  • Develop validation test plans for hardware assemblies, module and products

  • Carry out engineering validation testing and provide test reports

  • Maintain product Bill of Material (BOM) integrity

  • Design products to meet EMC and legislative compliance

  • Maintain knowledge of the industry and technology developments, being aware of best practice in own discipline

  • Possible failure modes identified, understood and mitigated through DFMA and other techniques

  • Design according to best practice DFA, DFM and DFT principles and practices

  • Designs to incorporate mechanisms to assist with support and failure analysis

  • Design to cost, performance and production targets

  • High level design and documentation of hardware products

  • Clearly defined hardware requirements

Qualification and Minimal Requirements

We believe in experience more than qualifications. Send us your CV and impress us! To be considered for this role you will be able to demonstrate that you have a background in embedded hardware development in a constrained environment, have an excellent and up to date understanding of hardware/mechanical/environmental/software dependencies, and a test-driven development approach.

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