Life in the agricultural sector is unpredictable enough without being at the mercy of inferior data. With IoT you can make decisions based off real-time meteorology, weather, temperature, wind, and rain reports. You can also streamline your business by optimising water and fertiliser usage, monitoring herd health, and creating automated systems to save time and money.

Real-time weather data

With IoT technology installed across your farms, you’ll be able to pull accurate, up-to-date information on weather, rain, soil quality and temperature. Monitor your own microclimates and build up models to enable you to more accurately predict seasonal changes.

Accurate tank levels

Need to know when your water tanks are empty? IoT can replace manual readings to give you real-time visibility across your entire property. You can also use these sensors to track the amount of food, silage, or fuel you have available.

Protect your assets

Monitor smart alarm systems and smart gates across your land, even in the most remote locations, to protect against vandalism and livestock theft. These sensors can differentiate between human and stock movement to offer you endless management option

Livestock management

Use GPS to track your herds and virtually fence your property. Real-time information about location, speed, body temperature, behaviour, and stress can help you identify issues early, improve health and safety, and reduce inefficiencies.

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