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We enable your assets to provide you with effective business insights

Idealgap IoT platform is designed to work with our range of IoT hardware. Whether you have vehicles, machines, control systems or sensors, Idealgap will provide you with an effective asset management platform ensuring your business has all the information about your assets available in real-time.

Gaining accurate real-time data drives business innovation.

Save Costs

Insights gained on the real causes of faults will save you money and time on false service requests.

Product Innovation

The insights gained by monitoring your assets downtime and performance will help engineers develop new products and services.

Decision Making

Insights on usage will help you to create better asset utilisation protocols.

Save R&D costs

We can get you up and running quickly saving you the cost of hiring consultants and engineers. We have developed a range of IoT hardware that you can buy off the shelf or use our retrofit hardware to connect your existing assets. We offer Android, iPhone/iPad and web application to ensure you never lose sight of your assets.

Move from reactive to proactive maintenance

The biggest cause of system downtime is an unexpected system failure. Now you can predict and prevent downtime events. A well-designed maintenance plan can extend the life of your assets by as much as 40%.

Murphy’s law dictates that things break down at the worst times and in the most inconvenient places. But if you can anticipate these breakdowns, you can minimise the damage. With an automated maintenance plan, you can extend the life of your assets and predict when and how a device will fail and what replacement and maintenance parts and service personnel skills will be required.

Protect your reputation

Damage to reputation can far exceed any immediate revenue losses. If downtime leads to your business being unable to meet customer requests or commitments, it can quickly damage your reputation, not just with existing customers but with new business prospects too, particularly if word gets out.

When things go wrong, being able to get things back on track as fast as possible protects your brand reputation and demonstrates that you have a proactive risk maintenance protocol.

Real-time fault reporting for faster service turnaround

Real-time alerts mean you can resolve faults faster and keep everybody who needs to know in the loop. You can customise your alerts so that all parties affected by a system failure can receive a real-time notification.

To repair the fault, your maintenance contractor will now be able to see a precise fault report to organise the tools and repair parts they need to bring to the job. This saves you (and them) time and money in getting things back on track.

Manage the whole life cycle of your assets

You can now learn from your assets and innovate your products. Being able to see where your assets are and what they are doing gives you full visibility.

With a monitored asset, you can see and track any unusual behaviour to flag unusual usage situations. This enables you to identify possible theft, damage, or disruption to services, which in turn can prevent injuries and damage to the equipment (or end users).

A beautiful platform for managing different kinds of assets

Our IoT platform brings information together in one portal from multiple asset sources.

No matter what type of asset you need to connect, we can provide you with an appropriate hardware and build you a custom reporting dashboard that brings all of your asset information together in real time on one dashboard saving you time and cost of using different systems.

How do I benefit?

Make smart business decisions by learning from data. Provide great customer experience. Stay on top of your assets. Build better products by learning from existing systems. Real-time fault diagnosis for effective repai r . Total visibility over assets and what s happening in real-time.

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