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Interacting with your systems is made easy with our asset management platform.

“With idealgap IoT platform, we can now see in real time how our assets are performing or have a fault – this gives us the ability to be proactive in our maintenance and repairs rather than waiting for our customers to alert us…”

Idealgap IoT platform is designed to work with our range of IoT hardware. Whether you have vehicles, machines, control systems or sensors, Idealgap will provide you with an effective asset management system ensuring your business has the information about your assets available in real-time.

Our research & experience indicates a lack of real-time system information has the following implications:

Effective Business Decision Making

Create effective business strategies to optimise cost & time it takes to maintain & service your assets.

Brand Reputation

Product manufacturers could lose credibility with their customers if their products are failing too often.

Customer Service

In the event of a failure, the customer would like to know what has gone wrong and how long would it take to fix the issue?

Health & Safety

A fault with systems could lead to injuries, equipment damage and loss of life.

Product Innovation

The inability to gain insights into the performance of assets in the field hinders product innovation.


If the fault is not fixed sooner, it will generally end up damaging other equipment and people around it.


Unnecessary time is wasted diagnosing the fault.

Idealgap IoT platform is ideal
for your IoT projects

  • Periodic Temperature Monitoring & Real-time reporting when the temperature reaches below and above a certain threshold
  • Periodic Pressure Monitoring & Real-time reporting when the pressure reaches below and above a certain threshold
  • Level and Flow Monitoring
  • Control Systems Signal Level Monitoring
  • Fleet Management
  • Various sensors & Electrical/Electronic Systems can be integrated using our IoT hardware modules

We are adding value to our clients by providing effective system insights to improve labour costs, system downtime, system performance. Read through our case studies to find out how our clients are benefiting from idealgap IoT platform.

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