QueTech specialises in heavy duty gate automation and access control solutions for mission-critical environments.


The automated gates manufactured, installed and maintained by Quetech work in mission-critical environments such as Airports, Hospitals, Prisons, etc. They must work as close as possible to 100% system uptime. Failure to do so could cost them a hefty fine from their customers. The team at QueTech needed a solution which would show them in real-time the state of key parameters of the control systems of the gate. This has enabled them to pre-empt any fault conditions and guarantee swift service in case of failures.

How we helped them

After understanding the project requirements, we integrated our hardware with their control system and provided a software platform for easy viewing of the key parameters of the control system. Our solution has enabled QueTech to have 24/7 control of their systems and ability to further develop their systems by analysis of the reports provided by the platform.

Savings with Idealgap IoT platform

Customer Service

They are providing swift customer service by getting real-time fault notifications

Key Insights

They are further developing their gate control system by gaining key insights of their gates


Saved approx $1000 in false trips


Saved time approx 12 hours


Saved carbon emissions

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