RTL has been a leading supplier of Road Signs and Traffic Safety Equipment to the New Zealand market for more than 25 years


The mechatronic systems manufactured by RTL must work in the field with 100% system uptime to prevent any catastrophes during roadworks on highways & motorways of New Zealand. These systems are prone to failures as they are in tough environmental conditions.

How we helped them

RTL needed a solution which can give them remote access to their fleet deployed in the field. We integrated our hardware with their existing systems and provided them with our software platform to view the key parameters of their traffic management systems in real-time.

Savings with Idealgap IoT platform

Customer Service

They are providing swift customer service by getting real-time fault notifications

Key Insights

They are getting valuable insights on the performance of their systems which they are using to upgrade their traffic management systems


Repair cost is reduced by 50% on average

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