As the world’s population changes, our buildings need to keep up. Using IoT technology, you can create a new era of smart buildings that respond to human needs and actively work to conserve energy. By streamlining the construction process, improving utilities installation and monitoring, and allowing accurate engineering simulations, IoT will power the construction industry into a bright future.

Safe and secure sites

Secure your worksite or building 24/7 without a huge ongoing cost with alarms, fences, cameras, and gates connected through IoT. Our technology links with your existing systems and enables you to set up security efficiently and cheaply – perfect for short-term job sites.

Structural integrity

Monitor cracks, strains, and other elements of a structure, and get real-time data on how buildings perform under strain. With this level of monitoring you’ll have advance warning of structural damage and can plan improvements.

Track materials, equipment and utilities

You can monitor the transport and storage of materials and equipment and track consumption without manual onsite meter readings or inventory. Keep an accurate account of where materials and equipment are located at any point in time, and learn about your usage trends.

A complete smart building

You can create a low-cost autonomous system to monitor HVAC, lighting, power, fire alarms, security, boilers, sprinklers, water, and other utilities, as well as gather data about occupancy, internal temperature and humidity. Use this data to anticipate maintenance and trigger remedial action, all without the typical rigorous manual maintenance schedule.

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