What is idealgap IoT platform?

idealgap is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform composing of hardware devices that can integrate with a wide variety of electronic systems and software tools to monitor and control key parameters of an asset in real-time. The hardware has integrations for industry standard inputs/outputs and communication protocols. The hardware is available in 2 options: WiFi & 3G. The software platform lets you manage all your assets in real-time in one place. It has the ability to showcase any number of devices with beautiful user experience, user alerts to notify key thresholds, parameter graphs for trends gathering & fault finding. We currently have Desktop app and Android & iPhone/iPad apps.

What is an Asset?

We classify an asset as a system which is composed of sensors and an electronic control system. Electronic Assets are found in Smart Cities, Transportation systems, Farming, Production Plants, Electrical Networks, and many other industries.

How do I get started with the platform?

Order a hardware from our website and download our Android or iOS app. Follow the steps below:

1. Sign up with us on our mobile app
2. Create a company
3. You will be taken to your company’s dashboard
4. Power up the hardware and connect the asset you wish to monitor
5. The hardware will take a couple of minutes to finish the setup
6. The hardware will appear on the app and you are ready to start monitoring your asset
7. Now you are connected. Enjoy the Smart Asset platform!

Why do I need idealgap IoT platform?

If you need full control on your assets and want to manage them efficiently, we have created an ideal platform for you. With the idealgap platform, not only will you get key insights about the assets you are managing in real-time, you now have a view of the entire fleet of assets in just one screen. This will ensure you can manage your repair plans better with our inbuilt repair management tool and also understand the behaviour of assets with the logs generated. Our analytics and reporting tools are helping our clients understand their systems better which is enabling them to improve their systems rapidly.

What industries can Smart Asset cater for?

idealgap IoT platform can integrate with any industry standard electronic system. Our platform is flexible and not industry specific. If you are unsure, whether we can integrate with your system, drop us a line by filling in the form below:

How much will I be paying?

There is a one-off cost for the hardware. If you are using our 3g/cellular version, there will be a cost of operating the SIM by the SIM carrier which will depend upon the usage of data. We recommend up to 10 NZD per month of data usage.

The software is free up to 2 devices/users. After that, there will be an ongoing cost for using the software depending upon the number of devices & users.

We will be publishing pricing very soon. In the meantime, register your interest in the Get Started. We will come back to you with pricing shortly.

I don’t know how to integrate idealgap hardware with my assets. How can I get help around it?

It’s very easy to integrate our hardware with other systems. The hardware is supplied with comprehensive technical documentation. If you don’t have technical skills to integrate our hardware. Do not worry. You should be able to find a local electrician who would be able to set it up for you. We currently have engineers available in Auckland, New Zealand who can set up the hardware on request. We also provide remote support if needed.

I have a lot of sensors I wish to monitor. This product looks expensive?

For our corporate clients with a larger requirement, we have a completely different pricing structure. We can offer a better price and a customised solution to match your company’s requirements. Please leave us a brief message by filling in the form available in Let’s talk section and we will be in touch with you shortly.

How many assets can I add to the platform?

The simple answer is as many as you like. The more elaborate answer is if you are looking at connecting a large number of assets, reach out to us. We will be able to offer you a specialised solution which will be cost-effective and more importantly ideal for your situation.

Is my data secure?

We have taken great care in our development practices to avoid any security loopholes. The platform has inbuilt security features to prevent data theft and abuse. We are constantly evolving our product and we give security prime importance in our practices. So rest assured, your data is secure with us.

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