A complete set of rich and easy to use features

idealgap IoT platform gives you all the tools you need for managing a large number of different assets. Now you can manage fire sensors, water meters, solar panels, temperature sensors, vehicles or any other asset in real-time in one place.

We supply hardware that can be retrofitted with existing systems or you can buy a range of hardware for different applications from our store.

Asset Hub

Asset hub maintains digital copies of all your assets and lets you view them on a map or a list.

Asset Management

Asset Manager can replace your existing job management software and saves you the labour and time involved in manual data handling and back and forth information exchange between customer service staff, customers and repairers.


Make sure all your assets are online and performing. Seamless experience for 3G/4G, WIFI, LoraWAN, Sigfox, NB-IOT connectivity.

Create Incidents

In the case of a failure, real-time notifications and automated incidents are generated by your assets and assigned to the designated team member. Incidents can also be manually created and assigned to team members. You will be able to manage the state of your incidents from To Do, In-Progress to Resolved.

Create Maintenance Plans

Create maintenance schedules with subtasks, and assign to dedicated team members. You dont have to store manual log books anymore, saving you the time required for managing log books. Real-time notifications are sent to all the team members responsible for looking after that asset.

Fleet Management

Fleet manager provides you with the insights and recommendations you need for improving the utilisation of your fleet.

Team Management

Collaborate with your team and customers on our platform to save time and ensure effective asset management in stressful situations.

Manage your users

As an admin, manage the access level to assets your team members and customers have and assign them assets they are managing. Invite your team members to join idealgap IoT platform by simply adding their email.

Assign Incident & Maintenance

Assign incidents and maintenance tasks to your team members and keep an eye on who’s handling what jobs.

In-app communication

Reach your team and customers within the app to ensure swift communication. Share incident and maintenance photos, audios and text.

Reporting & Analytics

Take advantage of our reporting & analysis tools to better understand your assets performance, provide effective customer service and gain valuable insights for future upgrades.

Customisable Dashboard

Create customisable dashboards to see only what matters to you. Visualise information from different assets in one place.

Company-wide fault notifications

Receive fault notifications from all your assets in one place.

Easy Access

Select the assets you need to see on the dashboard for easy access.

Custom Layouts

Create custom layouts with widgets to interact with information in various formats – line charts, bar graphs, analog meters and many more.

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Available on Desktop, iPhone/iPad and Android.