When your bottom line is at the mercy of nature’s unpredictability – you want as much control over your business as possible. IoT gives you the ability to remotely manage and monitor crops, storage, soil and air quality, and weather conditions, as well as protect your assets from theft.

Map and monitor soils

With real-time readings on soil temperature, water content, nutrients, and air quality, you can give your crops everything they need to thrive. You can build a bank of data allowing you to optimise planting and cropping times, improving your annual yield and bringing a superior product to market.

Accurate silo quantities

Monitor the level of silos, tanks, and other storage facilities on your property. You’ll be able to see when stocks are running low, provide accurate data to your buyers, and improve longevity. With temperature and condition monitoring you can also ensure a high level of quality control and compliance.

Protect your assets

Monitor smart alarm systems and smart gates across your land to control access to even the most remote locations. Remotely manage your security from a single dashboard, and be alerted instantly when there’s a breach in progress.

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