Powerful data from the IoT won’t just help you streamline your operations – it’ll change the way you do business. Track metrics across your facilities and remotely monitor everything from tank levels to backup generators. You can get all the power of the IoT for a low upfront cost with Smart Asset because our plug-and-play technology seamlessly integrates with your current systems.

Get the key insights on your machines running in commercial environments. Our out of the box hardware can integrate with a majority of electronic systems preventing huge setup costs.

Digitize your processes

Use connected sensors to measure pressure, vibration, temperature, humidity, voltage and other key parameters. Get a real-time view across your entire manufacturing floor, and get early warnings of openings, leaks, power drops, and other potential issues.

Improve employee attendance

You can connect your gates and time clocks to the idealgap network to monitor attendance in and out of all your sites. Get an accurate picture of who’s showing up for work and keep your site secure.

Predict leaks, ruptures, and other dangers

Manufacturing plants can be dangerous places, especially if vital maintenance goes unnoticed. Sensors placed in pipes and machines will warn of potential issues before they become a real hazard. Improve your safety record and reputation within the industry.

Automate meter readings

Consumption data is transmitted to you in real time, so you can get accurate data without having to perform manual meter readings. IoT sensors run reliably on your legacy technology, and will last for years on a single battery.

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