Smart Cities

Cities of today can now run much smarter with the Internet of Things. Smart Cities can solve many challenges in areas such as traffic management, sophisticated surveillance, disaster notification, and reducing energy consumption.

Your city’s legacy systems can be connected with our IoT hardware products and reporting platform. From air quality monitoring and connected fire hydrants to smart trash dumpsters, IoT provides a host of affordable solutions to help you build a leaner, more efficient and cost-effective municipality.

Street lighting

IoT sensors can detect overheating, broken bulbs and power shortages to help you build an efficient maintenance operation. You can also remotely control lighting to take advantage of energy savings.

Traffic management

Create connected road signs to display times for parking, traffic re-routing and other public notifications. These signs can be monitored for tampering, and alert local police if there’s an incident of vandalism.

Monitoring utilities & services

Anything from improving fire hydrant or water quality monitoring and monitoring defibrillators in public buildings to optimising routes for rubbish collection, IoT can provide connected solutions to save money, improve efficiencies, and deliver superior results.

Collect consumer data

Learn about how and why people use certain resources and services, collect meter readings automatically, and gather valuable user satisfaction data to help you improve service delivery.

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