As the world becomes more global, the amount of traffic on the roads, on the oceans and in the air only increases. The transportation industry is rapidly approaching a paradigm shift as new technologies threaten the old. Be on the front line of exciting changes and build a bright future for the cities, residents, and businesses you serve.

Traffic management

Create a network of road signs to display times for parking, traffic re-routing and other public notifications, all connected via IoT. These signs can be updated virtually in seconds, monitored 24/7 for accidents, and alert local police if there’s an incident of vandalism.

Monitor a supply grid

Keep an eye on supply levels and detect potential faults before they happen in electric car charging stations, power stations and other supply networks. Create an exciting network that will encourage consumers to change their habits around fossil fuel consumption.

Track your assets

IoT brings together your transport network to accurately track units across land, sea, and air. Accurately track the location of every vehicle in your fleet and learn about driver behaviour.

Live GPS tracking & geo fencing along with monitoring key vehicle performance metrics give our clients total control of their moving fleet.

Improved security

Keep vehicles, garages, and equipment secure around the clock with IoT connected alarms and surveillance technology. You’ll be able to recover stolen vehicles quicker with accurate, up-to-date location monitoring on radio systems that can’t be jammed.

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